Proto Hand Tools : Application of tools in the industries

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Industries use various tools to increase the functionality in the work area. Tools are part of industries like aerospace, automotive, constructions, railway locomotive, and even heavy application industries. The tools are adequate for assembling the pieces, removing the minute screws, and even transporting the raw materials.

Suitable for the industrial environment:

The industrial environment is different from the standard environment. The high degree of heat and its associated effects remain active in the particular area. Hence, the tools that help in such a process must withstand the heat and pressure of the work area. Proto Hand Tools withstand the heat as their body uses nickel plating, making it tough to withstand such an environment.

Such tools remain the best quality and durable tools to suit up with the rapid fireplace of the industrial floor. The handles are meant for grip and remain anti-slippery on the work floor. The particular feature helps hold the tools perfectly to carry out the work.

Different types of tools:

Industries use various tools in their work process, and each device is unique in each work. The most common industrial tools include

  • Allan keys
  • Chisels
  • Clamps
  • Gauges
  • Hammers
  • Striking tools
  • Knives
  • Snips
  • Scissors
  • Pullers
  • Pry bars
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sockets
  • Wrenches and so on

Expert by FACOM Hand Tools offers the best storage deal for the users. The industries can use the ideal tool kit or even customize the tool kits based on their industrial requirements. Some of the effective tool collection in the available toolkit includes

  • Spanners
  • Torque control
  • Impacting tools
  • Cutting tools measuring and marking tools
  • Central agencies and so on

Expert business solutions and worldwide distribution of the tools improve the quality of the work to a greater extent.

Industrial usage:

Nuts and bolts are part of industries, and Impact and Hand Sockets Dubai is the right choice to remove the tiny nuts and bolts from the vehicles. It is in use with the powered impact wrenches where greater force is necessary to apply in the mechanical sector.

Using impact sockets is to ensure safety in the work area. In addition to that, it helps prevent cracks and breaks off the sockets during the shock impact.

Apart from that, impact sockets are crucial to increasing the sockets’ optimal efficiency that could enable a perfect fit for the powered tools. It also helps avoid the damage of the square drive in its use.

Benefits of using tools:

Tools are the essential components in any industry. The complicated work process is made simpler with the help of tools in the industrial sector. In addition to that, it helps reduce manual effort in the industries, which increases the workflow in the industries. Hence the industries buy and customize the tools from the top branded suppliers.


Industrial tools help the industries in several ways. Knowledge of the devices is necessary to use the right tool in the appropriate application. A preventive workspace is possible by using tools in the work environment, and hence the industries use tools to simplify the work process.

How We Are Improving Work Process With Our Innovation

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Brook Marine Equipment Trading FZC is the trusted industrial tools supplier and exporter for Proto Hand Tools and Pneumatic Impact Tools to the customer in every corner of the world. Its inception since 2010 we are offering services and products manufactured with quality materials for the Aerospace, Automobiles, Construction and Railway Locomotives and Heavy applications etc. Our expertise in providing innovative solutions for industrial needs or to get done the job right by ensuring safety. With a big aim of improving and remained reliable, we supply famous brand tools like Proto, Expert, Dewalt, Stanley Hydraulic, Ingersoll Rand & Fenner etc.

The Idea behind it:
When we started earlier 2010 we faced many consequences to improve process to our clients with our tools and equipment.   We started analyzing our client’s requirements and offering services like design consulting, electrical installation and HVAC installation, these consulting helps our clients to fulfill their safety measures and fasten the work process. Our experts analyze the clients requirements and consult them about the industrial tools and how it is going to help them.

How Tools helps industries:
Tools plays a crucial role for businesses to save cost and time. It also helps with digital automation and mechanical alternatives to ensure good quality of product development and result to fast and efficient work in any organization. The latest tools improves efficiency and reliability of an employee and fives perfect outcomes.

Industrial tools Importance:
1- Industrial tools enables helps organization to improve its productivity by running the process for 24/7

2- It also helps to reduce human errors and improve product quality.

3- Tools can also help to reduce production time and increase mass production than human.

4- It also gives safety for human which working in production.

5- it also gives quick and simple solution of any problem related to work.

Our wide range of Tools
We are one of the biggest supplier and exporter of Proto, Pneumatic and many other renowned tool company around the world and provides all kind of industrial tools. We have more than 1000 tools which help people to do their job quickly and perfectly. Tools like Tethered tools, Air tools, Precision torque tools and other kind of tools gives option to the clients for effective work. We have been trading for a long period of time all over world and do have a great reputation about our equipment.

PROTO in-house torque testing solutions

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PROTO in-house torque testing solutions can help you save money, decrease downtime, and gain control over quality. Our Torque Calibration Bench and Sensors reduce costs of shipping out used torque tools for testing and calibration.

To learn more about our new Torque Bench and Sensors click the link below:

PROTO Foamed Modular Sets

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Create a more productive workplace with PROTO Foamed Modular Sets. A clearly-defined place for each tool helps reduce employee downtime, prevent tool loss, and lower FOD risk.

PROTO Tools: Safety Obsessed, Aerospace Compliant and Made in America

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PROTO Industrial Tools, a Stanley Black & Decker brand, has been providing Aerospace Compliant tools for the aviation industry since World War II. Their tools are proudly made in the United States at their Dallas, Texas facility. PROTO says being Aerospace Compliant (AS) takes their tools’ safety and performance to the next level with regards to plating, dimensional specs and testing. Aviation Maintenance Magazine sat down with Matt Mruk, director, business development for aerospace and government at PROTO, to learn more about the company, their products and what differentiates them from other tool makers on the market.



Keep up with PROTO® Industrial Tools

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