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A well-renowned brand Expert by Facom Hand Tools is the best suited to industrial needs and automobile engineering. Expert products are lightweight accessories with robust withstand and corrosion-resistant for handy use.

We offer a wide range of Expert by Facom Hand Tools online shop today for you. It includes entire essential tools for industrial needs, we have made it easy to buy branded tools with product details. The Expert tools are the best gear towards automotive and industrial needs at a workshop or in a garage.

About The Products

Facom tools are manufactured with professional quality which ensures durability and low maintenance. A big range of Expert by Facom Tools are the major industrial needs for automobile construction and maintenance. It is designed to meet the expectation of every customer at an affordable investment. A brand name commits to be a reliable one shop tool with zero maintenance for a lifetime.

The quality of Expert by Facom tools is guaranteed and certified with ISO international standards to make sure customer rely on branded products. There you find a wide variety of hand tools in a list on site with product description for examples: sockets, screwdrivers and spanners for a specific use.

We started to adopt advanced technology to be innovative in the competitive work environment, thus provides specialized tools, toolboxes and trolleys which they can have as per their needs. It allows to get done the job right and avoid hazards at work.

EXPERT tools are designed, developed and produced by FACOM’s R&D teams to meet the professionals’ requirements and industrial and automotive standards.EXPERT by FACOM,provides an extensive range of tools designed to withstand professional use.

A brand backed by a global organisation. All EXPERT by FACOM tools comply with current DIN and ISO international standards.


The Essential Services on EXPERT by FACOM include detail network mapped to help you find the dealer closest to you. 

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